Let us host your bespoke meeting with key senior buyers

A bespoke meeting is the most efficient and effective way to share specific security expertise and solutions with senior security decision makers.

These high-­value, closed-­door meetings held under the Chatham House Rule provide an excellent networking environment between key stakeholders, allowing invited guests to gain significant insight about specific challenges and solutions to address them.

To discuss bespoke meetings opportunties please contact:

Ben Porter, Head of Bespoke Meetings - Telephone + 44 (0) 20 7269 8908  ben.porter@akjassociates.com

Some of the clients that we have hosted meetings for

Discussion topics have included

  • The shifting threat landscape
  • In an age where information is power, how can a security team protect the organisational assets? What should CISO’s and information security leaders be worried about and what real approaches can people take to solve the information-leak challenge?

  • Mobile devices in the enterprise
  • There are real security obstacles that prevent enterprises from allowing their employees to use devices to access corporate networks. How can organizations embrace the new world of mobile productivity, and innovation – without compromising on security?

  • Building and Delivering Secure Mobile Apps
  • Building security into applications requires activity during development, testing and deployment. How do security services like architecture analysis, source code review, training, and penetration testing fit into the development process?

  • Advanced attacks
  • Security teams can lack the investigative expertise, adversary intelligence and capabilities to formulate an effective response. A frank discussion on the best practices to detect, investigate and resolve security incidents at the ear

  • Changing Threats – Are you prepared?
  • The threats of today are characterised by the way that they blend and use all available resources to compromise your system. Participants will learn what the current concerns about Advanced Persistent Threats actually mean for their organisation.

  • Cyber Resilience: Are you prepared for an attack?
  • This thought-leadership event will encompass the entire cyber landscape; regulation, breach detection, response and services. It will provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction, to discuss challenges and hear the latest around EU regulations.

Venues have included

Grand Hotel Amrath, Amsterdam

Hilton Frankfurt

Hilton Frankfurt german

NH Collection Eurobuilding, Madrid